Friday, July 15, 2011

Jack in the Box!

So, prior to John's birth in December, we were wanting to call him Jack.
I figured it would be the perfect nickname for him! John Isaac -J. Isaac - Jaac - JACK!
But when he entered our lives, forever changing it, he was a John.
However, for the purposes of this post, he will be Jack once again...

Jack in the Box!

No, he didn't crawl in there himself. But he is standing up on his own! He had a blast hanging out in there :) Kids and boxes... they make a good pair!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

social injustice

I haven't written in a little while because I haven't had anything to say.... nothing besides, "Yay! John is crawling and pulling up on stuff already!" ... that's the baby update... now for a little bit of my heart and a prayer request.

I just finished watching God Grew Tired of Us about the Lost Boys in Sudan.
It was a really great documentary.
I love documentaries.
Ones about social injustices are especially moving. I cried.
Then I thought, I can get upset about stuff like that all day long but what GOOD is it if it doesn't move me enough to actually do anything!? I know I know... you can get really depressed if all you do is think about how screwed up everything is....but I didn't even pray for Sudan. I got a prophetic word for the nation back in 07 and I prayed for them then but the point is: am I making a special effort to acquaint myself with the suffering of other people so that I am stirred to pray (because I truly believe that's the BEST thing I can do... prayer warriors are world changers) or am I that content with my blinders that I will live my life every day and not give a damn about anybody else. Yes, I said Damn. And yes, I'm afraid that's where I have lived for the last few years.