John 12
Luke 10

I'm on my way to my knees. On my way to His feet. This fragrance of love is His.

This is my heart. This is the stream that I drink from and it gives me life. To pour out my life in adoration and devotion to the holy living God. This is who I was created to be: a woman, sitting at my Jesus' feet, giving Him everything I have, everything He deserves, because I know He loves me and I know I am accepted and fully welcome there anytime I want. He is my home and I am His home. I am His temple and He is my safe and glorious refuge.

So whether I am changing diapers, doing dishes, being the best wife I can be, folding laundry, shaping the eternal beings, John and Milo... I want to do it all at His feet, in a state of rest, knowing I'm fully accepted by Him who made the stars. He calls them by name and He calls me by name too!