Monday, October 31, 2011

through the fire

Here's what we've been up to:

Michael is waiting on an interview with the City of Charlotte for a job that would help our family A TON. And it would be doing what he enjoys and is good at (well, he's good at pretty much anything he does... besides putting up his clothes in his closet.. :) .. besides that... )  But he seems to be enjoying his new and improved "steady" job batching together chemicals to make creams and lotions at a lab close-by. I say "steady" because he gets 40+ hours a week which is GOOD, a vast improvement from the other contractor type job. But he's been pulling 12 hour days a lot lately. It's a good job... but it would be really nice to get that job in Charlotte. Pray that he'll hear something this week.

 I have been hanging out with John-John and I've also been reading Lord of the Rings in my spare time. And yes, with just one child, I still have some time to spare :) I was always daunted by the size of the LOTR, but I'm totally hooked now.  It's a reeeaallllyy good read! Puts Twilight to shame, even though I have to admit that I really enjoyed reading those books too. It was like Teenie-bopper soap opera in book form. But LOTR is infinitely better written. I'm kinda at a good pausing point in the book though. I think this week I will spend more time going over "The Healing Path" by Robin Pasley. Isn't that a grand idea?? Inner healing vs. leisure reading... I know, it's a no-brainer.

Lastly, John burnt his hand on Saturday!! We built a fire. (photos below)  I was making breakfast when we heard a scream that I would rather not hear again. He had climbed up on the hearth and placed his hand on the glass. Thankfully, we had only just closed the doors so the glass wasn't hot enough to cause more than a minor burn, probably less than the heat of an iron. He only has a couple red spots on his hand. I freaked out though (in a not good way, at Michael, who said he would watch him... we have two slightly different parenting styles, we are finding out.... this whole parenting thing is a hard learning process. It has definitely put our marriage through the fire) So anyway, John is fine. He took a nap later that morning and he woke up and seemed to not even remember anything.

So that's the scoop! Later Taters!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

and the journey began

I'm up and at 'em before 6am and I don't care. John has been sleeping like a champ the last few nights and I have finally had time for myself. It's a wondrous thing. I even got to see Michael off to work this morning. It's always nice to have a few minutes alone together (contradiction in terms? eh.) in the morning. Somethin' about it really rejuvenates our marriage... It's the little things, I guess.
My coffee this morning is half.caf with pumpkin pie spices added to the brew basket. It's pretty yummy.
Since last week, God has really started me on a journey of self-discovery and inner healing.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

mercy triumphs!

I've got the afternoon off!
My wonderful mother-in-law has whisked away my child for a few hours and I am loving it!
I had a Melaleuca party and now I'm just sitting at the computer, the windows are open (it's a BEAUTIFUL Fall day!) and my heart is humming with excitement and gratitude of what the Lord is doing in my life.

Firstly, any time I am getting ready for my parties, I get so excited about Melaleuca products! I know it sounds totally lame, but this stuff is seriously awesome. [ notice the new page for my business partners! ] And then the actual party comes and I get to talk about how this stuff totally rocks... It's not a bad part-time gig. :)

Secondly, I am really grateful that God is working in me and changing me.