Friday, June 8, 2012

random thoughts... just because.

I've had coffee. That coffee had lots of sugar. Thus explains this post. And we begin.

I had the strangest overwhelming urge the other day to go somewhere brand new and EXPLORE! Like, go to a cave and find hidden treasure, or go on a long hike and find a trail long forgotten with possibly an old abandoned settlement. This urge was so strong that I almost drove to the Blue Ridge Mountains with John (Michael was at work, otherwise he would've been included in my adventure. Well, I might've kidnapped him from work... with a picnic!)

Speaking of the mountains--- I unexpectedly had a really fun morning. What does this have to do with the mountains? I'll get there. I started out the day thinking, "okayyyy... a whole new day... what the heck do I do with this kid allll daayyyy looonngg!?" So I decided to go downtown Salisbury to buy some pimento cheese from our local whole foods store, Simply Good. Then we went by Salisbury's pride and joy, the amazing coffeeshop Tastebuds. Usually, I get something hardcore like an Italian machiatto or a cappuccino. But today, I wanted something sweeeeeet. With whipped cream! Caramel Machiatto! yum! And Kirk made a baby chocolate milk for John-John, which he drank like it was the great outdoors in a cup. I was going to say "gold in a cup"... but that's not a big deal for him. But to be outside. If he has any thoughts of heaven at this point, I'm pretty sure he thinks "outside" is it! Anywho. He really liked it. On the way home, we listened to Ricky Skaggs and the Kentucky Thunder and THIS is what makes me think of the mountains. Listening to great bluegrass like this makes me want the following:
1- a trip to the mountains. (full of exploration and discovery and picnic food :))
2- an old dog, a hound dog or an old beagle, named Skaggs or Banjo or Tuck (short for Kentucky) or something else bluegrassy. This is really the only time I ever find myself wanting a dog.
3- finally, it makes me want to live in the country forever!

Growing up in a town or city, I had no idea what I was missing. But living where I do, with a big garden, lots of land, tractors passing my house on a daily basis, the random adventures that can only happen here, I really appreciate the country life. I look forward to the day when we can have chickens again. And I'm going to make their house so cute! And the more kids we have, the bigger the garden we will have! This year, we have been BLESSED with unexpected plants popping up randomly. We originally planted 4 tomato plants in containers to see if they would do better against the fungus that usually kills our tomatoes. Well, they are hardly doing anything. We haven't gotten anything from them so far. BUT we have 7 or 8 tomato plants popping up randomly in our garden where the seeds have fallen and taken root from previous years. Along with all these tomato plants, we have a bagillion watermelon plants springing up all over our garden. This of course makes me one happy pregnant lady since my goal once it gets really hot outside is to have ice cold watermelon on-hand at all times.

And thus ends my post of randomness. Thanks for stopping by.