Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season. This year me and Michael stayed home and had our very own Christmas morning! We had John's presents set out on the floor so he could find them easier. I put away all his other toys so he wouldn't be tempted to just grab his favorite ball and do his normal thing. He was so cute. Michael helped him open his presents and then we opened ours. We had a sweet morning despite me feeling a little sick. I was coughing a lot and my eyes were hurting really bad. Thankfully, God healed my eye later that morning! :) Michael made Cranberry-Orange muffins from scratch! They were so delicious. John took an almost 3 hour nap that morning and then we headed out to church (a little late due to the long nap) where we celebrated our Savior and King, the Son of God who came to us in the unlikely form as a humble baby.

Christmas Day I was so grateful for my life. So many of my friends were going through some very hard times. I spent most of my day praying for them and thanking God or what I had been given. I am so blessed to have my healthy and super-spunky child, and a sweet husband who loves me despite all my issues. 

After church, we spent the rest of the day with Michael's parents and sister, Hannah. I am also so blessed to have them as in-laws! They are so fun and I really enjoy spending time with them. I got to Skype with my family later that evening. It was a complete and satisfying Christmas :)

Roseman family tradition: Hannukah Game Championship!
Tonight is the last night of Hannukah and I am down 5-2! This means war!
2008 Michael
2009 Me and Michael tied
2010 Me!! 
(He might've let me win since I was hugely pregnant)
2011 yet to be decided... it's not looking positive for me.

John and Michael sitting on the couch watching Despicable Me. Michael got it this Christmas from my sister and her hubby. Had to capture this moment: John is sitting on Michael's shoulders while gnawing on his teething toy. I love these guys! I just noticed this morning that we have another tooth that has cut its way through! Up to 5 teeth now!

"What do I do with this thing?"

Cranberry-Orange Muffins with Orange Glaze. I posted the recipe on the "From the Kitchen" page. Enjoy!
May everyone have a safe and Happy New Year! Our days of watching the ball drop are over for a little while. 
Sleep is kinda more important :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, John Isaac!

Homemade Cupcakes & Cream Cheese Icing (Michael made the icing)
Why can't I touch the candle??
He hated his hat and bib!
John loves chocolate :) I sneaked some chocolate chips in them
"Mr. One-derful"
An attempted family picture post-cupcake. He was sugar-high and just wanted to walk around outside forever. So getting him still to take a picture wasn't going to happen. We tried.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

fatness and the end of the story

 Have you ever read a book where you feel yourself getting anxious? You're on the edge of your seat. I tend to play with my hair and scratch my head nervously. And here's the kicker- You know the end of the story! You've read the book before or you've seen the movie. Why is it then that we are so anxious? I suppose it's just because we are caught up in the story. And that's a good thing. It's fun- I enjoy a good book. This was me, about a week ago as I finished reading Lord of the Rings. It was my first time reading it but of course, like most people, I had seen the movies too many times to count. I knew the ending. Frodo lives to tell the tale. Sam marries his sweetheart. Aragorn is crowned King. But I was so engrossed in the story, honestly stressed out as Frodo and Sam climbed the last steps to Mount Doom. I knew the ending but I was anxious. My Heavenly Father whispered...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Melaleuca Monday : Sol-U-Mel

I'll start off by saying this: I wonder if my Attain weight loss shake still counts as such with the whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top. I'm gonna go with No. And yes, it's a little weird that I am "eating" a weight loss milkshake since it's 50 degrees outside AND because I'm so hott just as I am, but it's all I wanted for lunch. Something cold and chocolatey. Probably TMI, but I'm feeling a little crampy today for the first time since John was born and it's helping my stomach feel better. Thank you, breastfeeding for delaying my body's natural "cycle". Need I say more? Okay, now for what you've all been waiting all week for! (sure) Melaleuca Monday! So fun! So exciting! So informative!

Sol-U-Mel stain remover
 So this last week I cleaned all nine coffee pots from church. You know, the kind that you pour the hot coffee into and then it just pumps out into your mug of choice. Well, I cleaned them and I had to remove our old labels from them. Elizabeth from church provided me with Goo Gone. I was thinking, "Okay great. That'll probably work fine. Plus it's free and I won't have to use any of my precious Melaleuca stuff." Wellllll, Goo Gone was stupid. It didn't work very well even when I scrubbed and scrubbed. AND I didn't have any gloves so I could feel my skin burning while I used it. So I of course got out my Sol-U-Mel. Well, of course it was awesome! It took off all the goo without all the scrubbing. Not to mention the fact that it smelled so much better than Goo Gone. It just worked! My hands were so grateful.

Sol-U-Mel has the highest concentrate of Melaleuca Oil in it than any other cleaning product. It is also made of biodegradable ingredients and contains no bleach, ammonia, or phosphates. It doesn't harm your skin or the surface your dealing with. Like most of Melaleuca's cleaning products, it comes in a concentration so that if you want to use it as the concentrate, you can! Like I did with the coffee pots. OR you can buy a spray bottle and mix your own water with it and use it as a deodorizer and multi-purpose cleaner. Store brands charge you for watered down cleaning products. The folks at Melaleuca figure you're smart enough to add your own water. It's a family favorite! And I'm so glad I didn't have to scrub for hours this last week.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving and such

 Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We did! We had the "traditional" Thanksgiving breakfast at Michael's grandparents house with the whole family. Homemade waffles, fresh coffee, and deer sausage. It is always the BEST! And then later on we had dinner with our very good friends, basically family, Don and Brenda, and their two kids, and our other friends/family Jeremy and Jessica Vess:

Here's a video of all of us (The Roseman's and Vess') during a warm-up  We ended up having to put Michael in the back of the room during the recording because his voice carries so well.
He's a human-trumpet in so many ways. :)

Anywho, we all hung out and watched the Thanksgiving Charlie Brown Special, which I had never seen! It was pretty great. It was so nice to be around my closest friends again. I have kinda lived in a hole since John was born. But for crying out loud, he's going to be a year old later this month! AHHH! Time for me to get out of the freakin' house! :) I'm workin' on it

In other news, the Jar Buddy is officially patent-pending! We are now in the process of marketing to different companies. Hopefully somebody will be interested within the year. A year from now, we have to front a bunch of money to get it actually patented. But, it's all in God's fully-capable hands, so I'm not sweatin' it.

Here's a few shots of Michael's homecoming (from work) yesterday evening.
And a couple from Thanksgiving, too :)
Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!

Daddy's Home!
Hi Dad!
John's loves his Daddy

John actually wasn't interested in Thanksgiving food!
Me and my sister-friend Brenda Sue! She is due at the end of January :)