From the Garden

 Snapshots and fun gardening tid-bits!

Our Herb Garden
Sage blossoms and my early Mother's Day present, Lady Flannery (anybody know that reference?)
 Tomato corner
We are planting them in containers this year in an attempt at keeping them alive and fungus free!
 The Garden
"Do not despise the day of small beginnings..."
Before (the After shot is coming later... obviously....)
What we have planted so far: Zuchinni (with Nasturtium flowers around them. We've read that they might keep the Squash-loving bugs from eating our food!) Beets, 3 types of lettuce, Potatoes, Cucumbers (we'll be planting Nasturtium around those too since they're in the Squash family) 
We will be planting soon: Okra, maybe sweet potatoes (they were HUGE last year) green beans... who knows what else.... But we're trying to keep the garden kinda small and hopefully more manageable this year.

Our Poor Chicken Coop
 One day you shall hold chickens again. We've got a lot of work to do to fortify this thing against coyotes, racoons, weasles.... dead chickens are not fun to clean up (I've heard. hehe)

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