Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My organs!!!!!

Something NOBODY tells you about being pregnant...

Your organs get squished and pushed and they hurt and sting and because they're mushing and squeezing, it makes your back hurt from the pressure and oh by the way, the baby has been sittin' right smack dab on top of my bladder today. Yeah.... fun times.

I'm just glad that in the midst of this crazy summer heat, I'm not hugely pregnant. I'm about 4/5 months preggers right now and I understand well enough that I wouldn't want to be any more pregnant during the summer time.

Our air conditioning went out the other day. Gave us quite a scare. It was hot. Thankfully, we got it fixed. It turns out a bug shimmied its way into the electrical wiring and got zapped, thus blocking the electrical connection. Apparently some bugs get their "jollies" on by snuggling with electrical devices... that's what the a/c guy said.... would I lie? and even if I would how could I make that up?

So yeah, it's been a while since I posted last. What else is new? Hmmm... We got our crib and a little cabinet thingy for the kiddo. All IKEA stuff of course. They've got the best stuff. All super cute. I'm really diggin' hippos right now. They're just cute. All fat and buck-toothed...

Pictures of my growing belly are coming soon. Promise.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Momma Mia!!!

So I'm gonna be a mom!

We just found out on Monday, our two year anniversary. We were gonna share a bottle of wine that night, but I was 2 weeks late so I figured I might wanna check that out before we get a little tipsy. Monday morning, I wake up, take a test, saw the results... checked them again.... and again.... and one more time.... started fixing my hair for my day and tried to figure out a good way to tell Michael. He was asleep still so I poked him and he grunted. I poked him again... another grunt.... "Honey are you awake?" ... "No, do I need to be?" "Yeaaahhh...." "Why?" "Because I'm pregnant." "Are you pulling my leg?" "*laugh* No!" Then he says "I told you so!" We had decided to try for a baby starting in maybe April or May.... Well maybe a little earlier. Apparently we didn't NEED a lot of practice. :) 

So yeah, I'm excited! I'm also kinda freakin out! Last night was Friday Night Out in Salisbury where the whole town comes out and sets up shop outside... it's just a lot of fun. Michael and Jeremy had a show at Benchwarmers that night so we were all downtown hanging out and OF COURSE everywhere I look I see a pregnant lady! And it kinda freaked me out! I mean, I feel like I'm ready, but am I? and Will I ever be? How fat will I get? Will I be able to loose all of that weight? Will my baby be cute? Will he/she drive me crazy? Will I be a cute pregnant lady? How will my belly button go back in? I gotta clean my house and get ready for this little buddy... So much to do, so many lifting/carrying limitations.... I'm gonna need this and this  and that. I gotta do this and that... I'm about a month along so I only have 8 more months before my life is completely absorbed by this little creation. 

Michael is crazy excited :) It's pretty cute. Well, let me just say this: To all who are reading this and were offended that you found out on Facebook or someone else told you and you thought that we would call you personally... Michael is to blame!

He got his happy butt on Facebook on Tuesday and announced it to the whole world before I could personally call everyone that I wanted to call. So, just so ya know, Michael has been chomping at the bit to tell EVERYONE he has ever known ASAP. So, there. Blame the excited Dad-to-be. :) 

Well, that's it for now. I've got a waffle waiting on me so I'm gonna go and eat it :) 

Till next time. Adieu. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Gwenn is dancing!

Last night, Michael's grandmother, Gwenn, went home to gaze upon God for the rest of eternity! Lucky Dog! I would give GOOD money to see what she's seeing right now. I mean, come on, her first day there and it's flippin' Easter! I'm slightly jealous actually....

But we had some really awesome worship time last night. Tons of new songs released. Dancing, shouting, laughing.... At one point, we were singing about how Jesus stole the keys to death and the grave. I called Satan "Lucy" and we just rejoiced in the fact that we WIN! Jesus snatched the keys right out of his hand. Lucy probably didn't even know what hit him. We also had this really... well all I can describe it as is.... sexy beat. We just loved on Jesus. It was just Gooooooooood. Ewey gooey yummy love on Jesus time.

For now, we see in part, we know in part.... but then, we will see all and know all, just as we are fully known. Gwenn is experiencing this right now. And I'm really happy for her.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coffee Shop Sabbath

Sittin here at Tastebuds in downtown Salisbury, NC. Michael and Jerm are playing some of their best songs. They are, by far, the best musicians in Salisbury. I could be a little biased... but they ARE good!

I had a Chocolate Milkshake with Hazelnut. I wanted Hazelnut AND coconut but he's fresh out. Mixing chocolate, hazelnut, and coconut always makes me reminiscent of my college days. Blackbird Coffee in Milledgeville, GA had this one drink : Coco-Mocha-Nut. Same combo as was mentioned previously. I made that combination a lot when I worked at coffee shops. First Starbucks while I lived in Atlanta after college, then Its a Grind in Charlotte, before Michael and I were married. I have a tender spot in my heart for coffeeshops. Tastebuds is especially good.

So, first blog.... ever.... fun times. I'm feeling very vulnerable right now.... hmmm....

So yesterday, I was off from work (PRAISE HIM Y'ALL!). I had it all planned out. I had a lot of housework to do so I was gonna sleep in a little and then just make a day out of it... Well, I flippin woke up at 230am and was UP for the rest of the day. Michael woke up at 230am too, strangely, but that punk, he went back to sleep at 430am. I, on the other hand, headed to Walmart. Where else could I go at 430am? We needed dish detergent. Then I came home and worked my tail off. Did laundry, dishes, swept, almost broke the oven/lit myself on fire.... yeah, funny story.

The clock on our "vintage" stove was making this crazy loud noise. So I thought I'd surprise Michael by fixing it. (ha ha.) Those involved were the trusty screwdivers, sweat, brut strength, and of course, sparks!! I was so scared I laid down on my nasty kitchen floor that I was planning to mop (which I did this morning) Poor Michael. I finally had to go in and wake him up with tears and whining and confessions. His reactions to my insanity has always surprised me. He wasn't mad at all... just very amused it seemed, that I thought I could fix it. Yeah, the joke was on me.

So, after that, I pretty much just worked until I was about to drop and then worked some more. Don't ask me why. I don't know why. I should've dropped dead on my feet at 3ish. I didn't. And then I get like 6 rough hours of sleep last night, too. Madness. But hey... it's a fun day today. I'm just enjoying a nice Sabbath with my friends. We just played our last song, so not sure what the rest of the day holds, but I'll bet its gonna continue being a great day. More restful than yesterday at least.