Thursday, June 23, 2011

the news 6.23.11

If this is hard to follow, please excuse me. I just woke up from a nap with John... He woke me up with his little hand on my face... so sweet.... of course then he head-butted me... but still... so I'm a little groggy...
What's new... John is growing of course! He is in his Tigger stage and he just wants to bounce all the time! Which is cute... and exhausting... so we bought a bouncy chair for a whopping $12 at a local consignment store. Sweet!

Here's some more cuteness--

sleeping hard!

John has a highchair now! It was Michael's when he was a baby AND it was Brett's, my father-in-law, too! It's still in really good condition, too. :)

He may have a highchair now but he still can't sit up good enough to eat in it. So we're still in our multi-functional bouncy seat.

We went to visit our friends, the Damme's, in Charlotte. Here is John with his little friend, Avery Damme. It was so fun to see him playing with another little person. :) My boy is growing up!

He is officially crawling!

Model baby! Gorgeous!

Love this picture....

In other news, our church is putting on an "Extreme Summer" for the kids at our church and anybody from the community. It is EXTREME. I am teaching them about the Apostolic Prayers (ex. Ephesians 1:17-19) and trying to set a firm foundation for prayer in their lives. Let me tell ya! These kids are awesome! They totally got it! Along with what I'm teaching them, they're getting poured into and equipped and called out as worshipers and prayer-warriors. They're getting a teaching on different ways we praise, along with fun and games of course. It was truly amazing to hear them praying for their friends and family.

This next generation... watch out! They are gonna change the world! I'm even more pumped about raising my own children in the ways of God and helping out in the children's ministry at our church. I'm so blessed to be planted in such a rich wellspring of a church.

Side-note: I'm currently listening to a CD of traditional children's songs.... we need some more children's songs! Not saying the old is bad.... well.... they are kinda lame.... just sayin'... I want to write some new ones! I already have one based out of Acts 4:24-30.

OK... JJ is getting restless. Gotta go! That's the news for now!


  1. definitely need some new praise & worship songs for kids to engaged in! get writing, girl! i know the Lord has some awesome music to come out of you!

  2. Avery and your precious John looks so adorable! I can't wait to have some of my own :D

    I find it amazing that you teach the kids. It's very important (nowadays especially, for I think God gets lost in today's rushed world full of computer games and iPhones) that children need to have a solid foundation for prayer and the guiding hand of God in their lives.

    ♥ Bibi