Monday, April 16, 2012

The Strong-Willed Child notes: Chapter 1

I've spoken with several mommas out there that would love to read the super-helpful book by Dr. James Dobson entitled, "The Strong-Willed Child" but they just don't have the time! I borrowed the book from a friend of mine (Debbie from the ultrasound bus!) and have taken a few notes. I'll go chapter by chapter for easy reference.

All quotations are from the book. I claim no insight of my own. Just the facts, ma'am.
Copyright 1978 by James Dobson

Chapter One: The Wild and Wooly Will
"Just as surely as a dog will occasionally challenge the authority of his leaders, a little child is inclined to do the same thing, only more so."
"Adult leadership is rarely accepted unchallenged by the next generation; it must be 'tested' and found worthy of allegiance by the youngsters who are asked to yield and submit to its direction."
"[The] respect for strength and courage also makes children want to know how 'tough' their leaders are."
"The ultimate paradox of childhood is that boys and girls want to be led by their parents, but insist that their mothers and fathers earn the right to lead them."
" Treat your child with sincere love and dignity, but require him to follow your leadership. Choose carefully the matters which are worthy of confrontation, then accept his challenge on those issues and win decisively. Reward every positive, cooperative gesture he makes by offering your attention, affection, and verbal praise. Then take two aspirin and call me in the morning." 
"It would appear that the strong-willed child may possess more character and have greater potential for a productive life than his compliant counterpart. However, the realization of that potential may depend on a firm but loving early home environment. Thus, I repeat my admonition: begin shaping the will of that child while he is in toddlerhood. (Notice that I did not say crush the will, or destroy it, or snuff it out.)"


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  2. Hi Laura!

    I clicked on your name from the comments section of Raising Olives, when I saw that you planned to trust God with your family size! I just wanted to encourage you in that decision! For us, it has been a roller coaster ride -- full of ups and downs, excitement, thrills, and sheer terror at times! Yet, it is a "ride" that we would definitely stand in line for again! :)

    Come visit me some time to see what that looks like in a family a little farther down the road! My oldest is now 26 and my baby (Bethany!) is 7 -- and fiesty!!!! ;) our house is Always Hopping with activity!!!!! :)

    I love your story of how you married your best friend and God is growing it into love! What a neat testimony of how you stepped out in faith and trusted Him to make your love flourish!

    Many blessings,

    1. Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for your encouraging words! I've been perusing your blog all morning (as much as John would allow :)) since I read your comment. I will definitely be keeping up with you and your blog! I love having as many Titus 2 Mommas around me as possible :) Thanks again!