Monday, March 4, 2013

history in my closet

I just went upstairs to get a gift bag. I finally emerge 30 minutes later, after getting sucked into looking at all of our old ancestry stuff. This stuff is stinkin' COOL! I got to look through things dating back to the Civil War. It's easy to be a history nerd when history is so exciting and it just happens to be in my closet! Fun side note: John and Milo are both family names, dating WAY WAY back. Other family names that I like for our *one more??* boy: Adam and Henry. I especially like Adam. We're slowly redeeming the four-letter words, one son at a time. :) Oh and I'm not preggers, by the way. I'm just spit-ballin', here. I had wanted to name the next? last? boy Caleb because I LOVE Caleb in the Bible. I mean, this guy is old as the hills. He's survived 40 years in the wilderness with all these whiners. But he remembers the promises of God. When he finally gets the green light to take the land, what does he say? "Oh, I'm an old fart. Give me something easy." ?? NOPE! "Give me the land with the giants! I can take 'em!" Love. Caleb. But, I've been thinking, I want ALL my children to have that kind of faith and God-strength to take down giants and walk into their God-destined promises. I've been thinking about calling our "school" (since we will be homeschooling) The Caleb Academy. So what do you think, dear readers? John, Milo, and Adam? I'm diggin' it.

In more domestic news, I really need to buy groceries! We ate out a lot this weekend because here is what we have in our cabinet: cereal. girl scout cookies. Like, 10 boxes! And while they are delicious, you really can't feed a family on girl scout cookies. sunflower seeds. almonds. pumpkin seeds. shredded coconut, goldfish crackers. a cake mix. crisco. oatmeal. Which I HATE eating because it makes me hungrier! If I eat oatmeal, 5 minutes later, I'm wondering if I've eaten anything in a week! Feed. Me. Now. Half a box of pasta. A can of diced peaches. Peanut butter. Protein shakes. That's literally all we have. In the freezer, we have a bag of frozen fish. Baby food cubes. A bag of chicken nuggets (containing exactly two nuggets) a few freezer bags of gumbo (which I'm hesitant to eat because last time we ate that, John threw it up all over us. Not a fond memory of the gumbo.) and a few bags of pintos, which, if memory serves correctly, were a total bust. For produce, we have two apples and a bag of limes. There's a bag of banana muffins on the counter. In our fridge, we have milk, a crap ton of goat milk, pizza hut pizza *gag* (from this weekend), various condiments. Yeah, it's bad. Here's the menu for this week using all this stuff and whatever I buy later:

fish with somethin'
granola bars

ummmm, yeah I'm at a loss already. Focus, Laura! Feed your family! Any ideas?

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  1. John, Milo, and Adam - Love it!

    Do you guys like rice? I make a dish a lot with just rice, can of black beans, can of tomatoes, green pepper and cheese. Yum. You're supposed to stuff the green peppers with the rice mixture, but I just jumble it all together and stick it in the oven for about 30 mins.

    Homeschool... you rock girl. We are considering homeschooling as well :)

    E's Christening is this Sunday at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Rockwell, you guys are invited - we'd love to see you there! We need to hang out sometime, we miss you guys!!