Monday, April 5, 2010

Gwenn is dancing!

Last night, Michael's grandmother, Gwenn, went home to gaze upon God for the rest of eternity! Lucky Dog! I would give GOOD money to see what she's seeing right now. I mean, come on, her first day there and it's flippin' Easter! I'm slightly jealous actually....

But we had some really awesome worship time last night. Tons of new songs released. Dancing, shouting, laughing.... At one point, we were singing about how Jesus stole the keys to death and the grave. I called Satan "Lucy" and we just rejoiced in the fact that we WIN! Jesus snatched the keys right out of his hand. Lucy probably didn't even know what hit him. We also had this really... well all I can describe it as is.... sexy beat. We just loved on Jesus. It was just Gooooooooood. Ewey gooey yummy love on Jesus time.

For now, we see in part, we know in part.... but then, we will see all and know all, just as we are fully known. Gwenn is experiencing this right now. And I'm really happy for her.

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