Saturday, April 17, 2010

Momma Mia!!!

So I'm gonna be a mom!

We just found out on Monday, our two year anniversary. We were gonna share a bottle of wine that night, but I was 2 weeks late so I figured I might wanna check that out before we get a little tipsy. Monday morning, I wake up, take a test, saw the results... checked them again.... and again.... and one more time.... started fixing my hair for my day and tried to figure out a good way to tell Michael. He was asleep still so I poked him and he grunted. I poked him again... another grunt.... "Honey are you awake?" ... "No, do I need to be?" "Yeaaahhh...." "Why?" "Because I'm pregnant." "Are you pulling my leg?" "*laugh* No!" Then he says "I told you so!" We had decided to try for a baby starting in maybe April or May.... Well maybe a little earlier. Apparently we didn't NEED a lot of practice. :) 

So yeah, I'm excited! I'm also kinda freakin out! Last night was Friday Night Out in Salisbury where the whole town comes out and sets up shop outside... it's just a lot of fun. Michael and Jeremy had a show at Benchwarmers that night so we were all downtown hanging out and OF COURSE everywhere I look I see a pregnant lady! And it kinda freaked me out! I mean, I feel like I'm ready, but am I? and Will I ever be? How fat will I get? Will I be able to loose all of that weight? Will my baby be cute? Will he/she drive me crazy? Will I be a cute pregnant lady? How will my belly button go back in? I gotta clean my house and get ready for this little buddy... So much to do, so many lifting/carrying limitations.... I'm gonna need this and this  and that. I gotta do this and that... I'm about a month along so I only have 8 more months before my life is completely absorbed by this little creation. 

Michael is crazy excited :) It's pretty cute. Well, let me just say this: To all who are reading this and were offended that you found out on Facebook or someone else told you and you thought that we would call you personally... Michael is to blame!

He got his happy butt on Facebook on Tuesday and announced it to the whole world before I could personally call everyone that I wanted to call. So, just so ya know, Michael has been chomping at the bit to tell EVERYONE he has ever known ASAP. So, there. Blame the excited Dad-to-be. :) 

Well, that's it for now. I've got a waffle waiting on me so I'm gonna go and eat it :) 

Till next time. Adieu. 

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