Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My organs!!!!!

Something NOBODY tells you about being pregnant...

Your organs get squished and pushed and they hurt and sting and because they're mushing and squeezing, it makes your back hurt from the pressure and oh by the way, the baby has been sittin' right smack dab on top of my bladder today. Yeah.... fun times.

I'm just glad that in the midst of this crazy summer heat, I'm not hugely pregnant. I'm about 4/5 months preggers right now and I understand well enough that I wouldn't want to be any more pregnant during the summer time.

Our air conditioning went out the other day. Gave us quite a scare. It was hot. Thankfully, we got it fixed. It turns out a bug shimmied its way into the electrical wiring and got zapped, thus blocking the electrical connection. Apparently some bugs get their "jollies" on by snuggling with electrical devices... that's what the a/c guy said.... would I lie? and even if I would how could I make that up?

So yeah, it's been a while since I posted last. What else is new? Hmmm... We got our crib and a little cabinet thingy for the kiddo. All IKEA stuff of course. They've got the best stuff. All super cute. I'm really diggin' hippos right now. They're just cute. All fat and buck-toothed...

Pictures of my growing belly are coming soon. Promise.

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