Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Joy Ride

John got a front facing car seat, thanks to Aunt Sarah! Sorry- there seems to be no audio. :(
But you can tell, he reacts in true John-style. He took it all in and was inspecting his new chair and pondering the impact that this new chair will have on his life's perspective. Very serious little boy. Me and my mom-in-law, Wendy, drove around the block. She's the one driving so that I could get a video without crashing. It's a little long and mostly boring if you don't LOVE John! :)

In other news, my invention, the Jar Buddy, is finished being made into a virtual prototype and is ready to be marketed to potential buyers/manufacturers. Now, it's totally out of my hands and totally in God's hands. I'm just praying for favor with the companies that will be shown this earth-shatteringly-genius invention! :)

1 comment:

  1. it cracks me up how serious john is! his occasional grin is adorable. i'm still waiting to hear his Isaac laugh. ;]