Monday, December 5, 2011

Melaleuca Monday : Sol-U-Mel

I'll start off by saying this: I wonder if my Attain weight loss shake still counts as such with the whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top. I'm gonna go with No. And yes, it's a little weird that I am "eating" a weight loss milkshake since it's 50 degrees outside AND because I'm so hott just as I am, but it's all I wanted for lunch. Something cold and chocolatey. Probably TMI, but I'm feeling a little crampy today for the first time since John was born and it's helping my stomach feel better. Thank you, breastfeeding for delaying my body's natural "cycle". Need I say more? Okay, now for what you've all been waiting all week for! (sure) Melaleuca Monday! So fun! So exciting! So informative!

Sol-U-Mel stain remover
 So this last week I cleaned all nine coffee pots from church. You know, the kind that you pour the hot coffee into and then it just pumps out into your mug of choice. Well, I cleaned them and I had to remove our old labels from them. Elizabeth from church provided me with Goo Gone. I was thinking, "Okay great. That'll probably work fine. Plus it's free and I won't have to use any of my precious Melaleuca stuff." Wellllll, Goo Gone was stupid. It didn't work very well even when I scrubbed and scrubbed. AND I didn't have any gloves so I could feel my skin burning while I used it. So I of course got out my Sol-U-Mel. Well, of course it was awesome! It took off all the goo without all the scrubbing. Not to mention the fact that it smelled so much better than Goo Gone. It just worked! My hands were so grateful.

Sol-U-Mel has the highest concentrate of Melaleuca Oil in it than any other cleaning product. It is also made of biodegradable ingredients and contains no bleach, ammonia, or phosphates. It doesn't harm your skin or the surface your dealing with. Like most of Melaleuca's cleaning products, it comes in a concentration so that if you want to use it as the concentrate, you can! Like I did with the coffee pots. OR you can buy a spray bottle and mix your own water with it and use it as a deodorizer and multi-purpose cleaner. Store brands charge you for watered down cleaning products. The folks at Melaleuca figure you're smart enough to add your own water. It's a family favorite! And I'm so glad I didn't have to scrub for hours this last week.

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