Saturday, May 28, 2011

Salisbury Saturday

We spent most of our day today in Salisbury. It was a beautiful day! We started out going by Tastebuds Coffee, because sister-friend here needed some coffee! Even if it was decaf, it seemed to help wake me up! :) And then, we were off to the Farmer's Market!

Our spoils! Challah bread, Whole Wheat bread from nice Mennonite people, Banana Bread (okay, we like bread...) Maple Almond granola, Zucchini relish, and Inferno Salsa! Yummmm!

Michael sportin' our new Boba Carrier! We love it!

Cutie-pie... he loves being outside and being around fun happenings! So many things to see!

I love this lady! She is my good friend, Neta Monroe. She makes cute bags and homemade laundry soaps. She's also got lots of cute chickens and super cute gardens. In case you missed it, she's just cute!!!

She gave me one of her bags for free! Yeah! Should I say it? It's super CUTE!

I'll say it again.... I love this lady! We had lunch with her and her husband, Rob.

I got these at an antique store. Vintage children's books for 50% off! Sweet!! I'm gonna make children's artwork hopefully with these and maybe rent a booth of my own at the market. Maybe in the fall. I'll keep y'all posted :)

Then we came home and crashed! Family naptimes are so sweet. :)

**update on baby bunny- he likes living here and he's popping around quite a bit as I write this blog. So cute! He's grown a little but he's still super little. I'll try to get a picture of him :)
We live in a Disney movie.

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