Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday fun!!

Here's the scoop:

Our beloved "Afro-bushes" are getting a MUCH needed trim/hacking! One down, one to go! :) Thanks Michael!!
John turned 8 months old on the 18th! I can't believe how fast time flies by!! He's graduated to climbing the stairs and feeding himself (not altogether successfully... but he wields the spoon like a champion spoon-fighter, often lifting it up in determination and triumph)

Tomorrow is a big day!

 It is my sister's 30th
birthday!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday, Sare-Bear! I've known her for 27/30 years and let me just say, she is a jewel of a person. Kind, generous, honest, a true woman of integrity and strength. Did I mention beautiful? Inside and out! I have looked up to her from Day 1 and I always will!

We are all going over to Colorado to see her and hubbie, Danny, this weekend!
My parents and grandmothers are also coming! :D
I am soooo ready to see my sister!!!!! She is my best friend, aside from Michael, and we are in serious need of girl time!

Speaking of Michael, my man is turning 26 years young on September 3rd! Yes, I'm older. Yes, we like it like that. :)

(<-- This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. Michael and his dad hugging right after John was born.)

Michael and our brother-in-law, Danny, and my Dad are all going shooting that morning. Nothing like real man-time for my baby-daddy :) I love Michael so much and I feel like the most blessed woman in the world to be married to him and share my life with such a man of God. I love you, babe!

Lots of fun birthday time this weekend and I'm super stoked! The only thing I could probably go without would be the actual flying time it will take to get over to Colorado. I don't mind flying... but flying with a highly-mobile, in-everything-possible little boy is something entirely different. John Isaac has flown before but he was only 3 months old and pretty content to be held and nursed through the flight. We will no doubt survive. As will John. Unless, however, someone on the plane takes us out. Hopefully we will be pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it goes.

Okay! Off to bed! Starting a new children's program at church tomorrow evening: eNGage Kidz (our church is called NorthGate Church. Get it? eNGage.) Going to continue to build a foundation of prayer and worship in our children and raise them up into their destinies! It's very exciting! I hope we have a good turn-out.

Good night, world!

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