Friday, August 12, 2011


Mine and Michael's first attempt at making pickles! John spent most of the time asleep on my back in our Boba carrier. So! It was a family effort!

Don't cook me! I'm too cute to eat!!

The result! 5 jars of dill pickles, 3 of which we added sliced serrano peppers! Spicy!
Can't wait to dig into these in a few weeks!
None of which we added a little John... he IS too cute to eat!

In other news, I want another baby! I know... call me crazy.... I go back and forth between wanting to wait until John is a year old... but having babies is so fun! Granted, it would be more fun if he EVER sleeps through the night!! I've tried everything. Prayer. Schedules. More food at night. Letting him cry it out. But now he's teething. So I don't know what to do. Pray for John!


  1. John is too cute! Those pickles look yummy, I haven't canned any in years!

    Another baby would be great... maybe we'll end up pregnant at the same time. Wouldn't that be crazy fun? :D

  2. yeah Bibi! That would be so awesome!

  3. oh yum! dill pickles make me happy! even when i'm not pregnant! i tried to grow pickling cukes this year and they dried up in the heat and died, along with pretty much everything else i attempted to grow. i think the gardening world and i just don't get along right now in general. sad. we wound up "planting" (more like "committing to the ground as effortless compost") a portion of the watermelon you guys gave us last month in the hopes that maybe we'd get one of our own someday--it was such a beautiful and bright pink inside! good job, you little gardening guru!